What is Landcare Fire Recovery?

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network
Since the devastating Black Saturday bushfires of Feb 2009, the Upper Goulburn Landcare Network has been working with landholders and local communities in the Murrindindi and Mitchell Shires to rebuild and rehabilitate the local environment on private property.
This blog presents some of the stories.
To find out more about our program or to volunteer with one of our projects contact Landcare Coordinator Chris Cobern on 5736 0104.
Or by email on ugrecovery@gbcma.vic.gov.au

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Conservation Volunteers lend a Hand

An international team from Conversation Volunteers Australia helped out with our Fencers Without Boundaries program for 5 weeks in the Buxton/Narbethong area during May-June 2010.
The group was well lead by team leader Andrew Matthers and constructed many kilometres of fencing.

Children contribute to the project

Kinglake Scouts and Kinglake Landcare group at Pratts Rd

Rotary Nesting Boxes and Kinglake Scouts

Middle Kinglake Primary School

Yea High School

Clean Up australia Day

Marcellan College Boys Fencing


The Boys from Marcellen College did a great job clearing away this burnt fence on the Leadstone property at Kinglake.

Yea River Landcare Planting Day

Members of the Yea River Landcare Group planted riparian plants at Judy's .
They look a wild bunch !

It rained all day but they volunteered to get wet


This NAB team was pulling down a burnt fence on the Mt Slide Rd in Kinglake . It was an extremely wet day but this group insisted on volunteering for the bushfire recovery project. They worked with Chris & Bridget all morning before eventually giving in the good sense and calling it day at lunch time . 63mm of rain fall that day !

School Holiday Stand In

28/9/2010- Catching up on a few past events.
Chris , Cathy and Janet had family commitments during the school holdays , thank goodness we could call on Tim from Treeproject to stand in for us at this tree planting day in Mont View Street in Wandong . A team from the ANZ bank plant 300 seedling along a creek line .
Thanks Tim . (The Hagens certainly had fun camping at Lake Hindmarsh and the Little Desert )
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Good deed by Scouts

Ron Ellis and Scouts from the Australian Scouting Fellowship and Heritage have grown 1000 correa's and bottlebrush's for our UGLN Lorax project.

Ron is also the Environment Officer for the Clifford Park Scout Centre and organised for Bunnings to donate the potting mix and a local cafe donated all the milk cartons that were used as pots. As the Scout law says รก Scout is thrifty' and landcare certainly encourage recycling.

The plants were very popular and this ute load pictured was gone in one day.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Scouts Kinglake West Nest Box Project

The Kinglake Scouts recently checked the Rotary built nest boxes that they installed at a property on the King Parrot Creek in November 2009. Using the UGLN nest box inspection camera the Scouts checked nine nest boxes. One had what appeared to be a Sugar Glider nest but the rest were uninhabited. The Scouts GPS'd the locations of each box and recorded their observations on a data sheet. This work goes towards their World Conservation award and helps UGLN with our ongoing fauna monitoring in the fire affected areas.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bicycle ride to Buxton

5 November 2010

Landcare / Treeproject Partnership

Janet & Chris from Landcare plus a small but super dedicated team from ANZ ' Group Treasury Department' helped plant around a dam in Buxton today creating frog habitat with grasses and shrubs. Just as well this was a small group of workers because Chris and Janet were rather disorganised today , We had the plants , equipment , tools and food sorted but weren't quite sure where we were meant to plant ! The landholder was not around and Cathy was out of phone contact so we played it safe and planted wetland plants around the dam and creek . 102 plants in the ground and woody weeds removed from the garden.

Action man , Liwa , rode his bicycle from Malvern to Taggerty !!!!

He left home at 6.30am and rode to Taggery via the Black Spur Road , arriving at 9.45am .
He then changed into camo working outfit and planted trees. Georgina gave him a lift back to the city at the end of the day . Paul drove from Sunbury using his navman for guidance , which was a good effort as well.

Thanks guys , it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed your company .